About Garth

Garth Haslem is a graduate of Brigham Young University with a bachelor's degree in civil engineering, and a master's degree in engineering management. He is a structural engineer. 

He learned that his passions were not always found within the engineering and inspection professions, so he began to write. His articles on home safety issues did well, with over 500,000 hits on a collection of 28 publications.

He now has a collection of podcasts and videos on home related issues, those are found at 

One day he was advised to do better at personal scripture study, and then write about what he learned. That blog is found at, and reflects his deepest personal beliefs. 

Then he found Simon Sinek and the power of "why". It's a powerful concept. After examining his own "why",  was born. Hebelieves that a part of his purpose is to be a lighthouse, and  to inspire others to also become a lighthouse. He learned that your purpose is your "why", and your mission is your "what".  This site and its contents are how he executes that task.

The Jaguar

Garth believes that the jaguar represents important traits; these include being powerful, agile, sleek, strong and focused. When a jaguar is focused on its goal, its strength and athleticism are important, but its focus makes the jaguar formidable.

When we know our path, and we know what we must do to achieve our own greatness, we are formidable. When we focus on that goal relentlessly, we become unstoppable.