Everyday heroes who are changing lives - especially their own

Mark Miner

Few have come from the lowest lows to the highest of highs like Mark Miner. His humility might fool you into thinking he's a "typical" guy, but here is a great man. There is much to learn from his inner view.

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Mickey Buehrer

Be prepared for real and raw. Here is a man who knows what he is and is not, and is strong enough to talk about his vulnerabilities - even with the world watching. Here is a man who can become whoever he decides to be.  This man is inspiring.

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Dan Gazaway

Dan might just have some things figured out better than the rest of us. What's his secret sauce for a happier and more successful life? You don't have to guess - he tells us.

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Carlie is an inspiration and a hero - and of course she sees herself very differently. Watch how she overcomes her own demons and unique weaknesses to change the world. 

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